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Neglecting the servicing of your boiler may seem like you are saving a bit of your hard-earned cash, but the reality is that by skipping thorough regular maintenance, your boiler will decrease in its operational efficiency.


In simple terms, what you do not spend on servicing will be spent on higher than necessary fuel bills. Often this unnecessary additional fuel expenditure will be greater per year than the cost of having your boiler robustly maintained.


Some people erroneously think that because their boiler is only a few years old and therefore relatively new, they won’t need it serviced just yet.


It is a fact of life that newer boilers are even more susceptible than older boilers to breaking down due to poor maintenance. Millions of homes now have modern condensing boilers. Unless the condensate collection trap is cleaned out during routine maintenance the boiler will eventually cease working.


If your boiler is newer, it is almost a certainty that your manufacturer's warranty will expire unless it is not regularly serviced in accordance with their published service instructions.


Modern boilers are fitted with many safety features to prevent them from operating unless they are operating safely. A large proportion of the breakdown calls we attend each year are problems that would not have occurred if the appliance had been thoroughly serviced in accordance with its manufacturer’s servicing instructions.


In these instances, a proper annual service would have not only saved its own cost in lower fuel bills, it would have prevented a repair bill too!


A properly maintained boiler will also last longer too! On average, a well looked after boiler lasts for about 5 years more than the same model of boiler that is subjected to less robust servicing.

6 Eventually causing boiler noise, known as kettli

Some service firms seem to think that servicing can be carried out in 10 minutes flat


We take as long as is necessary to ensure that your boiler / fire is serviced properly and thoroughly


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Priority Service Club

Summary of benefits

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Best described as a halfway house between one-off servicing and a full breakdown / repair serviceplan agreement, our Priority Service Club offer cost effective peace of mind and thorough, robust annual appliance maintenance.


Subject to your first boiler / gas fire service being completed by our engineer, you are eligible to join.


Around 2 to 3 weeks later you begin to prepay for the following yearly service by Direct Debit.


The current costs are £7.50 per month if you have a gas boiler but not a gas fire and £10 per month if you have both a gas boiler and a gas fire. This means that your next service costs exactly the same as your first service, £90 for a boiler only and £120 for a boiler and fire.


Prices are frozen from the time you join for at least 36 months, meaning that your servicing costs will not rise until the end that period.


We will contact you at the appropriate time each year to arrange your annual service visit.


All future servicing will be just as thorough as your first service.


Should you have any breakdowns or plumbing / heating problems, then all and any call-outs are free of charge.


Emergencies (loss of central heating and / or hot water) will be attended on the same day they are reported.


You will be entitled to a discount of 25% from our usual price of any parts, labour & corrective work you may require.


Any modest repairs that do not require replacement parts and can be resolved on the initial visit will be free of charge.


You will be entitled to a discount of 15% from our usual price for any additional or upgrade work you might choose. Examples would be:- additional radiators, bathroom refurbishments, general plumbing work, central heating upgrades, etc.


There is no membership tie-ins and you are free to end your membership of the Priority Service Club at any time.


Once your frozen price period ends we will agree a new monthly fee with you and again this fee will be frozen for a further 36 months.


To book your service or for

further information call us on 

01246 900103 or 0114 433 3014    

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A thorough boiler service doesn’t cost money, it saves money

Every boiler maker's service instructions are slightly different, but below is a guide to what a typical service should include:-

Appliances completely dismantled


Primary flue checked & cleaned


Combustion chamber cleaned


Gas burner cleaned


Condensate trap removed and cleaned


Appliances reassembled


Gas meter safety tested


All gas pipework safety & leak tested


Boiler gas pressure recalibrated


Digital flue gas analysis


Gas safety certificate issued


All engineers personally Gas Safe registered

Once you have had your very first service carried out by

us you may, if you wish, join our Priority Service Club

Additional peace of mind


Unlimited FREE call-outs to breakdowns / problems


Discounted repairs, parts and labour


Same day attention for emergencies GUARANTEED


All future annual servicing costs included


Help at hand 24/7 every day of the year


Prices frozen for 3 years


Discounts on any other work you may wish to order

The prices below are for a thorough service and overhaul

Gas boiler and heating system £90.00


As above but with gas fire added £120.00

How it works