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Choosing the right boiler

We specialise in Ideal, Worcester Bosch, Viessmann & Vokera boilers.


Each manufacturer builds high quality, durable and reliable appliances to suit all budgets.


From the cost-conscious Ideal Logic range with 2 year manufacturer-backed warranties to the Logic + selection with their 7 year warranties and the Vogue range, complete with 10 year warranties, Ideal offer a boiler to suit any requirements.


Similarly, Worcester Bosch offer 3 ranges; the entry level i models, the mid-range Si selection and the flagship CDi range. Worcester Bosch boilers come with 5 to 7 year manufacturer backed guarantees.


We offer free help and advice to ascertain which boiler would best suit your needs.

System cleaning and preparation

Anyone who has ever removed a radiator to decorate will be aware that black oxide sludge forms inside wet central heating system.


Modern boilers have a much lower water capacity than older models so it is crucial that the system is properly cleaned as a part of a good quality installation.


Part L building regulations and most boiler manufacturer’s warranty conditions require that system cleaning is carried out. Corrosion inhibitor is then added to the system to protect against the recurrence of sludge formation.


It is also a warranty requirement of virtually all manufacturers that a Magnetic System Filter is fitted onto the return circulation pipe to keep the circulating water as clean as possible.


A powerful pump is connected to the system and the inside of the pipework and radiators is jet-washed. A filter removes the sludge from the system. A cleansing solution is used to break down the older, thicker, more stubborn sludge deposits to ensure a satisfactory end result.


Magnetic system filter

This device id fitted on the heating pipework in an out-of-sight location such as the airing cupboard.


And sludge deposits that form in the future are collected in the magnetic filter, which is then cleaned out on each annual service.


The beauty of keeping your system free of sludge is that a clean system is not only more reliable, it’s cheaper to run, too. By removing any impediments to circulation your system will heat up quicker, thereby using less fuel.

Salus UK-MAG-Defender

Limescale reducer - combi boilers only

This device fits onto the cold water pipe that feeds into the boiler.


By treating the water before it is heated, limescale is prevented from forming inside the boiler. We fit one as standard with every boiler we install.


System controls

Depending upon the type of controls you have already, you may need to upgrade so that you have an effective timer and thermostat.


Again, Part L building regulations requires that you have a reasonable degree of energy saving control over the operation of your system.


We are happy to advise you during your free survey visit.

Programmable room thermostat

This device meets Part L requirements and offers a range of energy saving features.


Fully wireless, it can be programmed for different times and temperatures on different days of the week, if you wish. Simply put, it can be easily set and altered to suit your lifestyle.


A small receiver is connected to the boiler and the consumer unit is free to be sited wherever it suits you.


We offer 2 models of this device; the base model being rich with user-friendly features such as “Holiday Mode”, which allows to set the device for frost protection while away for a few days, but having the heating on your usual setting upon your return and the higher specification unit which is controllable from any smart phone.


You simply download the free app and marry your phone(s) to the receiver unit.


You can set your heating or make alterations from anywhere in the world.


You can also add thermostatic radiator valves to your radiators. These can also be controlled through the Intelligent Control System.


For example, if you are at home all day there is no point in heating the bedrooms once you have got up. In a few simple steps you can set the system so bedroom radiators turn down to a much lower setting, thus saving energy, while the living area is as warm as you want it to be.


Upon installation we will commission the controls system for you and give you a user demonstration so you can make any future adjustments with ease.

esi stat

Weather compensation control

This is a small sensor that is fitted to the outside wall. By taking readings every few minutes it is able to tell the boiler if the ambient temperature is increasing or decreasing.


The boiler is then adjusted automatically to be running at the optimum, most efficient level to maintain your desired indoor temperatures.


Not all boilers are compatible with this device but we will be happy to advise during survey.

weather comp

When deciding to have a complete central heating system installed there are a few more important points to take into account after you have chosen the right boiler.


The guide below covers those issues.


System design


Design refers in particular to the sizing of radiators and layout of pipe work.


If your new radiators are not correctly sized, you might not get the level of comfort you bargained for.


There is nothing worse than having a huge fuel bill to pay because your boiler has been working away in a vain attempt to get your home warm. You can depend on us to correctly calculate radiator sizes for each room to ensure a high level of comfort coupled with optimum heating efficiency.


Installation care


Installing a complete new heating system inevitably means working in every room of your home. It also usually means taking up all of your carpets and floor coverings as well as lifting and re-fitting floor boards etc.  


You'll be glad to know that all of our installers are fully experienced in the art of "retro-fitting" central heating systems. We're sure that you would rather have your home treated with care and respect. Installers who are more used to working on building sites and housing developments may not always be subject to the force of good habits our installers are used to.


We only use radiators that come with a 10 year warranty.

Full heating systems or adding extra radiators

Compact radiator

Warranties & building regulations

We ensure that every boiler we fit fully complies with all prevailing building regulations and gas regulations.


Almost 50% of all boilers fitted in the UK are installed to a sub-standard level. This is either due to installer incompetence or “corner cutting” to reduce cost.


Unfortunately, a sub-standard installation will invalidate any manufacturers’ warranties, as will non-compliance with building regulations.


We ensure that all warranties are correctly registered and that the installation is notified to your local authority building control department.


This prevents avoidable problems and delays, should you ever wish to sell your property in the future.


All boiler manufacturers’ warranties are conditional upon you having your new boiler serviced annually by a competent person.


Take a look at our service package on our Boiler Care page.

Value for money

Simply out, we’ll never be the cheapest quote you receive, but we will ensure your new boiler adds value to your home rather than detracting from it.

Special offers

Ideal 35kw combi boiler supplied and expertly fitted from as little as £2199.00

Free help, advice and quotation

Give us a call on 01246 900103 or 0114 433 3014 to arrange your free survey and quote.


More often than not, we can give youa clear idea of price over the telephone.


Alternatively, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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