A low cost, excellent value alternative to expensive breakdown plans

You pay £7.50 per month (or £10 if gas fire included) by direct debit.


From the day we receive your completed application the above call-out and discount benefits become valid.


After 12 months or less, we carry out a thorough and detailed service and overhaul of your gas boiler / fire. We may carry out your service much sooner than 12 months, to bring your repeat service date into line with other customers in your post code area.


We repeat the thorough, robust service annually thereafter, for the lifetime of your membership with us.


There are no tie-ins and no minimum period of contract. You are free to leave at any time at your own discretion. It is our aim to keep your custom simply by keeping you happy as a customer.


You can elect to have a thorough starter overhaul “up front” if your boiler / fire is due to be serviced now, costing £90 for a boiler and heating system and £120 if you include your gas fire.

* Required

We service each boiler & gas appliance in accordance with the published servicing instructions of the appliance manufacturer.


This obviously means that service method varies slightly from one make and model of appliance to another. This service list shown above is a guide to illustrate the stages included in a typical service.

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3 ways to join up


Thorough annual boiler servicing

& maintenance


  • Saves fuel, cuts bills

  • Reduces risk of breakdowns

  • Maintains safety

Priority Service Club

including thorough, robust annual boiler service


Costs just £7.50 per month for a central heating boiler and full central heating system or £10.00 per month if you include your gas fire

What’s included?

Thorough yearly service of boiler (and fire if included)


Priority, same-day call-out in emergencies


Very prompt attention to non-emergency calls


Unlimited free call-outs


Up to 25% discount from the cost of any parts or labour repairs


Up to 15% discount from the cost of a replacement boiler or radiators etc


Option of HALF PRICE powerflush, should you need it


Phones staffed 24/7


No catches, no small print - just good, old-fashioned fairness

How does it work?

A typical service

Appliances completely dismantled


Primary flue checked & cleaned


Combustion chamber cleaned


Gas burner cleaned


Condensate trap removed and cleaned


Appliances reassembled


Gas meter safety tested


All gas pipework safety & leak tested


Boiler gas pressure recalibrated


Digital flue gas analysis


Gas safety certificate issued


All engineers personally Gas Safe registered

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2. For more information or to join by phone call us on 01246 900103 or 0114 433 3014


3. If you'd like us to call you for a chat, please fill out the form below

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